ETIG Library Camp: Jessamyn West

Jessamyn West! Now I Will Inspire You: A series of small threats and calming images One of the things about working in a tiny adorable library is that the people who work in tiny adorable libraries don’t get to go listen to people talk about libraries and big issues.  And…

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ETIG Library Camp: Jason Hammond

Jason Hammond: Lackadaisical Anarchy! Organization Development Specialist: training, planning, developing opportunities… With a few anecdotes, Jason raises the idea that the level of openness, trust, and comfort that people have with public transparency — specifically with blogging and social participation online — is evolving.  His plan: to discuss what he’s…

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ETIG Library Camp: John Fink

Janine Schmidt welcomed us to the day and encouraged us to be innovative, referencing the Seven Imperatives quoted in the recent issue of Library Matters, ending with “be courageous”.  And off we went. John Fink talks about innovation.  Asserts that many systems people will tell librarians “no” because they don’t…

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