Opportunity never promised it would be easy

Do the hard things. A post shared by Jenica Rogers (@jenicasedai) on Mar 1, 2018 at 4:50am PST

Learning what not to do

I’m staring at three pages of carefully written to-do items, and a full whiteboard. And it’s a lot to do. It’s more than one woman can do. I should delegate. I balk at delegating, because having someone do a project for you is hard. You have to explain what you…

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Snippet on fault lines of culture

Written as part of a consulting report, expanded and edited for anonymity. 12-19-17. In geology, a fault is a fracture or discontinuity in a volume of rock, across which there has been significant displacement as a result of rock-mass movement. Energy release associated with rapid movement on active faults is…

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Snippet on courage and impact

Written as part of a consulting report, then re-edited. 12-19-17. We talk about how we can’t do anything about the big problems of the world. We can’t change Washington politics, we can’t improve our national economy, we can’t stop climate change, we can’t feed all the hungry in our communities,…

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Snippet on leadership

I’ve been trying to write more often, to warm up the engine, as it were. I have a few snips of writing that didn’t lead anywhere coherent but are meaningful on their own, maybe. I’m just going to publish them. Written longhand, 12-28-17. “I’d rather be steering the ship than…

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