all for the lack of a camera

I was going to do a very FRIDAY kind of post about how “Professional is:  doodlybopper hair, jelly beans, and a big truck of books to throw away”, mainly because my hair’s totally wonky today so I spun it up into two little buns that look like ears or horns or alien antennae or something, and also because it took me all of seven minutes to weed four linear feet of books off of our PR 83-85 shelves because they were in such  need of weeding that it was a total no brainer, and also because it’s Friday and my pretty cashmere sweater is totally color-coordinated with my weeding truck.

But my camera is at home, and so you’ll just have to envision that I am the future of our profession, sitting here with amusing hair, eating Jelly Bellys from Monterey, and throwing away outdated materials while being stunningly color coordinated.

Have a lovely weekend!

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