Signs, signs, everywhere signs

Well, not really.  Just a couple.  And given how rarely we put them up this semester as part of Dan’s New Sign Regime, I’m hoping that these will get noticed. They’re pretty straightforward: Bring your stuff back, and please be respectful.

So we’ll see how that goes… and if we learn anything.  Speaking of which, it’s time for another “ask for feedback” poster, which Keith has themed around the end of the semester and grading.

When the semester’s over, I’ll tally up the “needs improvement”, “satisfactory”, and “excellent” comments and see how we did… The first half-dozen are either kindly complimentary or complaining about how we police noise in the library, which loops nicely back around to the Be Respectful sign.  So far, we appear to be paying attention to the right things.  Hooray.  🙂

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