IL2007: Notes, day two

  • Librarian karaoke:  Oh. My. God.
  • Wireless continues to be problematic, and my comment form will reflect it.  Why can’t Information Today get this right?  What’s the hard part that I’m not seeing?  They should be able to do internet access, and the fact that they obviously struggle confuses me.
  • Hooray for Twitter, keeping me apprised of all the stuffs going on all over the place.
  • Boo for Twitter, confusing people with 140 character messages.  For the record:  My tweet about “odd speakers” was not aimed at Chrystie Hill and Michael Porter, as I was not there.  🙂  Also, I think that Michael Porter is probably always intentionally funny.
  • Also, did I mention librarian karaoke.  Michael Porter and Eric Sizemore WIN.

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