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In tandem with working on the annual report for the libraries, I’m also doing my self-evaluation for last year.  I feel like an idiot trying to talk about myself this way… I feel very matter-of-fact today.  “I did the budgets.  I made sure the building didn’t fall down.  I ran meetings and wrote reports. I did lots and lots of paperwork.  I played cheerleader and commander in chief in equal parts.  I went to lots and lots of meetings.”  And that seems like the wrong attitude and tone for this task, so I took a break, went upstairs to get the iPad from Carol, and then walked down the stairs with Dan.

Dan is our new Sign Czar (<—- Official Title), charged with applying a style template to them all and reducing their overall number, with an eye to improving passive communication with our users.  He’s taken down dozens of signs, and replaced dozens more.  He’s also removed 2000+ words from our signage.

Can I steal his thunder?  Put “I facilitated succinctness” in my performance evaluation?

That’d probably be wrong. Why do I give away all the fun tasks?  Man, my job’s boring compared to what the librarians do…

2 thoughts on “minus 2000

  1. Cathy Doyle

    I got people the resources they needed to do their jobs. That’s the one I always love. And I really like your Libguides page for the new strategic plan.

  2. Heather

    Well, my former boss used to remind me regularly in these situations that, yes, I needed take some “credit” for the successes of the people who reported indirectly to me. There is value in not getting in people’s way and making it possible for them to succeed. (He is also very good at writing elegant descriptions of the day-to-day heavy-lifting that is management.) Perhaps something like: “improved library communications by revising signage to reduce word count by X% and

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