Right now

I am:

  • Finalizing our Strategic Plan by integrating the suggestions of stakeholders from v.2
  • Knee-deep in reorganizing our administrative structure, ie, the Discuss It With Key Staff phase
  • Drafting graphical org charts for easy understanding of the new admin structure
  • Writing a narrative to describe the new admin structure and the rationale behind it
  • Writing the narrative portion of a proposal to modify our circulation and fines policies, pending the results of our ongoing survey of library users
  • Scheduling the INFLUX meetings, trying not to bump into conflicts with any staff vacation plans
  • Responding to Stage 3 of the Campus Facilities Master Plan
  • Planning for summer projects, including construction, furniture purchases, and rearrangement of staff workspaces
  • Finalizing the budget for student staff for summer and fall 2010
  • Preparing for a candidate interview on Friday
  • Writing a personnel letter regarding a promotion request
  • Prepping to chair the last campus Teaching and Learning with Technology Roundtable meeting of the semester, on Thursday
  • Working at the Reference Desk

visual proof!

Okay, so I grant you, the only part I’m actually doing RIGHT NOW is working at the Reference Desk.  ( look, see? —->)  But the rest of that stuff needs to get done this week.

Excuse me while I pause to laugh with more than a little hysteria in my voice.

Maybe some items can wait until next week, but only a few.

I’m planning to sleep in June, sometime.

I think that’s the price of being ambitious and blind to one’s own limitations…

3 thoughts on “Right now

  1. Jeff Scott

    You say you will sleep in June, but you know you won’t. People like you always say that, but then next month comes and more projects roll out. (I know I’m one of them).

  2. walt crawford

    Impressive. Now, if you’re going to ALA Annual, you should have several good opportunities to sleep during June. I’m sure there are programs which would serve as nonprescription sedatives (LOTS of them), or you could go to a Council session (bring a pillow).

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