Careless vendors don't win customers

I’m done being polite. I’m naming names this time. (See Vendor Relations, Part the Next for the last round.)

If Grey House Publishing calls me one more time and gets my name wrong, asks me to accept a review copy, and refuses to update their database to acknowledge that I don’t select Reference books and we’ll never accept review copies, I’m going to start hanging up on them as soon as they introduce themselves.

My name’s not Jennifer, and I don’t have time to deal with people who can’t respect the information I’ve given them every time they call me. And I certainly won’t do business with someone that careless.

3 thoughts on “Careless vendors don't win customers

  1. Kirsten

    I can’t stand Grey House. They try to send us review copies of books that we already have on standing order! It’s as if the different departments don’t “talk” to one another.

    We’ve also told them multiple times which librarian they need to talk with and yet they keep calling the other librarians. If it were up to me, I’d cancel the standing orders. Why do business with a company that insists on being stupid?

  2. Ane

    We have that SAME issue with them. I also had a different vendor call today to ask if we had made a decision about database X. I said, “As I told you 3 weeks ago we won’t be getting it because the price is ridiculous.” His response was that he didn’t write it down!
    Well thanks for wasting my time because you didn’t write down my rejection the first time.

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