Site changes and arrest warrants

One of these days, I’m moving this whole thing over to the domains I bought this summer.  Not yet, but I did take a bit of time to fix the borked CSS in the old template by slapping a new out-of-the-box WP template onto this site.  Everything’s still here, it’s just bluer, with less photographic Jenica on the front.  Easier to replace than to fix, and I have limited time to fiddle right now… and when i do start fiddling, it’ll be to move the whole deal to a new host.  So.  There.  It’s bluer.

Also, a colleague forwarded me this today:  U. of Arizona Student Faces Criminal charges in Chalking Crackdown.  He and I appear to agree:  Goes a bit far.  There are *ahem* more balanced responses one could take than arresting your students.

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