Hanging a "closed for renovations" sign on the door

It’s not the blog that’s getting renovated — it’s me.  I’m currently on a three-week medical leave to repair my right shoulder, which has been causing chronic pain and fatigue, as well as prompting major and unacceptable changes in my lifestyle, for the past 8 months.  I finally gave in and agreed to surgery… so here’s to hoping that when my recovery is over, I have lasers, a wrist radio, and a flechette gun in my finger.  Or, at least, no more pain.

But for those weeks, I’m taking a break from everything work-related, and that includes the blogosphere, both reading and writing.  You may find me haunting my book blog, FriendFeed, Twitter, and Facebook, but not in any useful or particularly adult ways.  I’m on a percocet and physical therapy fueled break, and there’s just no point in trying to be all librarian-ly in the midst of that.

So I’ll see you all in late March when I return… look out for the lasers.

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