*ring, ring, ring*

With the exception of the “No I Don’t Take Preview Copies” vendor, who has ceased to call me (finally!), I don’t get many cold calls from vendors.  Except suddenly, I do.  I’m getting about 2-3 a week right now.  The phone does its distinctive double-ring for an outside call, and I think, “My husband or a vendor?”.   Given how many new sales folk are calling to chat with me, I have to wonder… How bad is the information services industry going to suffer in the economic crisis we’re all facing?  My budget’s going to shrink next year unless SUNY and my administration do something heroic, or there’s a miracle on Wall Street, and so the vendors are going to get the hit via my hit.

Will this finally be the moment in which we make hard choices about which vendors we want to support with our available dollars?  Or will we continue to believe that Content Is King and buy The Thing We Must Have from anyone, regardless of the soundness of their business models and service departments?  Or something else entirely?

It should be an interesting ride, that’s for sure!

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