Professional Philosophies

I needed to update my CV, and in doing so, I added some professional philosophies.

Information Ethics

I support the Library Code of Ethics, the entirety of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, and the public’s Freedom to Read and Freedom of Information.

Diversity and Inclusion

Hatred and intolerance have no place in libraries or education; we serve all who have a need, and strive to represent and expose the sum of humanity’s experiences and perspectives. Open dialogue that includes a multiplicity of voices — and which combats the systemic social and cultural barriers that have historically excluded and currently excludes voices from that dialogue — is crucial to our shared humanity.

On Teaching and Learning

All of higher education is a classroom; or, the smallest part of higher education is the classroom. The places where a person’s boundaries are challenged are the places where they learn, and those places can be classrooms, offices, libraries, dining halls, study rooms, playing fields, places of worship, and on the streets of our communities. So long as curiosity and inquiry can flourish, people can and will learn.

Professional interests

My current professional interests all revolve around the intersections in higher education — the places that classroom learning, student identity, libraries, the internet, scholarly communication, and authentic experiences collide.

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