I do love my data collection

Worklife stats:

Overdue tasks in Remember the Milk: 2
Tasks due today in RTM: 5
Additional tasks due this week in RTM: 6
Emails in inbox this morning: over 400
Emails in inbox right now: 31 (*happy dance, happy dance, oh, the happy dance*)
Emails in inbox that require action this week: 31
Tasks to be added to RTM due to email actions: between 0 and 31
Hours spent so far today tending to email-related stuff: 3
Hours likely to be spent this afternoon finishing email-related stuff: 2
Project proposals to write: 2
Thoughtful emails to compose: 2
Meeting agendas to send: 1
Meetings to schedule: 2
Meetings already scheduled this week: 4
Spreadsheets needing my attention: 3

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