on leave

There are a dozen library-related things I’d love to be writing about — the LTG Summit that went off in Texas recently; the latest Ithaka S+R report (I WILL get back to this one); my college’s new president, and my alma mater’s, and why they matter to me, the en-shrink-en-ing of the ILS marketplace — but really, I can’t right now.

I’m busy.

I’m stuck under a 9 pound weight and I can’t get up.

I’ve temporarily got a new boss, and she’s kind of a tyrant.

Gwyneth Winter Capen, my new boss.

I’ll be back later. Probably May.


  • Melissa Platkowski Reply

    Good job making an ultra-adorable baby! Congratulations!

  • terikoch Reply

    How adorable! I hope she’s not too tough of a taskmaster.

  • M@ Reply

    Congrats, and all that. :)

  • Genesis Reply

    Awww, look at that sweet little face! Take good care, rest when you can. Enjoy that new baby smell. :-)

  • Tim King Reply

    Congratulations! What a wonderful life event. I remember when my little ones were born… But that’s a different story.

    Get lots of rest. (You’ll need it.) See you in a few months!

  • Jean Thomas Reply

    Congratulations! Best wishes to you both!

  • laura k Reply

    Congratulations! What a little beauty. Enjoy your leave!

  • weezelnz Reply

    Ohhhh, congratulations! She is lovely!

  • Mark K. Reply

    I’ve been meaning to tell you congratulations. So, congratulations!

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