What if?

Today we’re hosting our once-each-semester liaisons’ luncheon, in which we invite the faculty liaisons to the libraries to come and have a catered lunch discussion with us. We often have a multi-bullet agenda, but this spring we have one item: What to do with our collections budget?

Just as I have been adamant that publishers need to change their models, I think libraries need to respond as well. We need to find our own flexibility, find ways to prioritize our own goals and needs, and be our own best allies in this struggle. So today, for an hour, I’m posing a bunch of questions to the liaisons, in hopes that they will both help us think through our ideas and also continue to evolve with us as we modify our perspectives.

And as I sit here, annotating my copy of the presentation slides, all I can think is “I hope this works.” I hope the discussion happens. I hope that we can engage meaningfully. I hope I don’t blow it. Because no matter how many times you stand up in front of a crowd, no matter the size of the crowd, no matter the casualness or seriousness of the topic, it never actually gets easier to stand up and do the thing. I just get better at managing my reactions. And this one matters.



So here’s hoping.

4 thoughts on “What if?

  1. terikoch

    So timely! We have been discussing having this very conversation with our faculty soon at Drake University (Des Moines, IA). We’ve been uncertain on how to structure it (the conversation). Good luck!

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