LibraryThing wins

A large part of my day today, bored but feeling vaguely crappy, was eaten by LibraryThing. I’ve been watching LT, reading about new developments, smiling pretty and asking Tim Spalding for a tshirt, telling everyone I know about LibraryThing for Libraries… and I never did much with my own account. I really, frankly, thought that was for the best, because, c’mon, did I need another thing to do with my time and energy online?

God help me, I started putting books into my library today, and it was after 4 and I was at 97 books before I even stopped to blink, and I hadn’t even gotten up off the futon to look at what was on the bookcases.  That was all from memory.

I am, after all, a cataloger.

If you’re interested, I’m Jenica26, and I am a science fiction/fantasy nerd.

8 thoughts on “LibraryThing wins

  1. Cyril Oberlander

    One of my favorite features in LibraryThing is the group catalog, I helped a group of institutions that digitize works for students with disabilities develop a shared catalog, because they were preparing an arduous shared excel sheet. LibraryThing’s group catalog is a really friendly way to make a ‘statewide’ system.
    Thanks for sharing your catalog. Best wishes,

  2. Jenica

    Yeah, I just hadn’t gotten to starring Artesia yet. It’s done!

    That’s a really cool idea, Cyril.

    Bill, we are now friends!

    Interestingly, looking at my overlap with my current LibraryThing friends, I can identify only two trends: We’ve (almost) all read Dune, John Scalzi, or Neil Gaiman.

  3. Kate

    LibraryThing is the best kind of time sucker 🙂 I asked my husband to get me the lifetime membership for Christmas because I was spending way too much time in there. However, it is such a great tool for my home collection and is an easy way to keep track of everything (or, at least that is what I told my husband…)

  4. Tim

    Oh, thanks. You made my day. I’m glad you took a second look at it. A lot of Lib 2.0 types know about it, but not really looked at it for two years.

    You at ALA?

  5. Jenica

    Tim, not at ALA. I’m firmly in the “we won’t make you go to Anaheim” crowd. 🙂

    My husband, after reading this, said, “tell me why LibraryThing is so cool.” And I started in on tagging my own books (“Do you have any idea how much I read scifi/fantasy about war? I didn’t!”), getting recommendations, looking at similar libraries to find new books… It’s a great service, Tim.

  6. Andrew Badera

    I’d be curious to hear your take on LT vs. GoodReads. I have accounts on both, but tend to use GoodReads, perhaps because I know more active users there. It would be nice if I could port my library between both easily … without a lengthy, clunky, non-realtime RSS process …

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