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We asked another middleman agency to get us a quote from SAGE, out of curiosity: Would it be more explicable? Would it be a better deal for us?

We got our answer today. Per our last email from that middleman agency, “Sage will not allow current subscribers to transfer to a different consortia at a lower price.  They require them to keep the same pricing.”

So, not only do they get to arbitrarily determine what we should pay and how they define that amount, they won’t sell to us if we look for better deals than we currently have negotiated.

Tell me again why libraries give money to “partners” like these?

Note: See update from 11/12/2013 here.

4 thoughts on “More from SAGE

  1. librarianmer

    We had similar experiences with SAGE when I was at Norwich. We ended up not getting a package because of their totally nonsensical pricing that seemed to only be based on them getting as much money as they could out of us.

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