May: I wish it were only about flowers

Academia goes in cycles.  Right now, it’s May. (Maybe you noticed.)

May means the semester is nearly over.  May means the students are frantically wrapping up details.  May means the faculty are prepping for summer research work and asking demanding and interesting questions.  May means the fiscal year is nearly over.  May means that all the books we’ve ordered in the last six months are piling up in technical services.  May means that there’s never an open computer in the library, except when there aren’t any in use at all.  May means that vendors start calling, wanting to do end-of-quarter sales visits.  May means that all the books checked out and and then checked back in are piling up in the reshelving room.  May means it’s time to display student research projects in the library lobby.  May means that it’s almost time for our annual staff retreat, and the kickoff of our next fiscal year planning cycle.  May means that the student printer is starting to overheat from the strain.  May means that all the projects that need to be done “before the end of the semester” are due yesterday.

May means that we’re all yearning for a little peace and quiet and focus and relaxation in June.

This year, here, May also means we’re moving out of our library for the summer, with a moving target Get Out By date which might be as soon as 10 days from now, and a moving target of which workspaces are going to be affected, and a moving target of which staff will have to move out, and a moving target of who will move where, and a moving target of when we can reopen the library. It’s pretty intense to try to do all of that planning on top of the workload that is Normal May.

So this year, May means …  May means I need June!

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