a new motto

I had a meeting today with our Web Services Librarian to talk about his goals for this coming year, now that the yeoman’s work of our website is done. And as we talked about staff-side web services and framed up some projects for fall and spring, I said two things that worked for us as guiding principles. And then I wrote them on my whiteboard, because I think they’re that good.

Know why we do EVERYTHING we do.

And then do fewer things but do them BETTER.

That’s my goal for this academic year, right there. I want to know why we do every single thing we do, the why behind every service, the why behind every policy proposal. And I want us to do fewer things, but do them better. Presumably because we know why.

3 thoughts on “a new motto

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  2. Ned Quist

    Thanks for the motto! The power to me is in the ‘why’, because if you don’t ask that you never get to doing fewer things.

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