radio silence

I’m not blogging right now for two reasons:

  1. I’m swamped and it’s summer and I’m exhausted and I need a break from 60 hour weeks so I’m intentionally only working 40. Which means I have to be thoughtful about what I actually do all day, and not just write because it makes me happy and I can just stay til 7 to finish up the other stuff. No staying til 7 allowed in the summer.
  2. Most of what I want to talk about requires that I vet my writing through colleagues who are directly involved in what I’m doing, which isn’t something I’ve ever had to do before. But some of this stuff is so damn cool I can’t just not write about it, so I have to write it thoughtfully, ask for approval, and then probably rewrite. So it’s going to take longer. Also, see number 1.

But there’s stuff. It’s great stuff. I’ll share it as soon as I’m able. I hope your summers are just as energizing, and that you’ve somehow found a way to make yours an extra month longer because ohmygodhowisitAugust6already?

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