Saying goodbye to the people who helped build my world

Yesterday a bag came in the mail from Zazzle — the tshirt I ordered for my husband, which says “Gary Gygax changed my life.” Much like Tolkien is the father of the modern fantasy epic, Gygax was the father of tabletop roleplaying, without which my household would be a less creative, less rich, and less engaging place to live.

Also yesterday I learned that Arthur C. Clarke had died. Aside from bringing us the classics 2001: A Space Odyssey, Rendezvous with Rama, and Childhood’s End, we must also credit him with the notion of geostationary orbit for satellites, and the proposal of a space elevator to reach Earth orbit. And we can’t forget that his brilliant science fiction undoubtedly sparked creative enthusiasm and grand ideas in our practicing scientists — who knows how far his impact reaches?

May you rest in peace, gentlemen. My world is better for your lives.

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