Exploring what it means to “put something online”

I don’t do this very often on this blog, but this is totally worth it: Go read this.

So now, a little more than halfway through the class, students are asked to turn their digital expertise and expectations upside-down: to use online search tools specifically for the purpose of figuring out what’s not available to them with the click of a mouse, and to go through the process themselves of making a portion of that non-digitized world available in the network realm for future use.

This debrief on an assignment is a great counterpoint to my last post about C.E. Murphy’s self-publishing adventures. You can draw your own conclusions, but mine is simple: I LOVE THIS IDEA. Librarians, particularly future-focused ones, talk lightly and with casual flippancy about the online information environment, but it’s a smart and timely reminder to consider what it takes to create that world.


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