Job seekers: More advice

Go forth, and read this. RIGHT NOW.  Then come back.

Okay, are you back? Good. Listen up: Colleen is right. Objectives are DUMB. Stop using them.

Also, my entry into her contest:

“To secure a position in which I can be as bad-ass as Mal Reynolds, as powerful as Neo, as charismatic as Aragorn, and as devious as Miles Vorkosigan, all while dressing like Katharine Hepburn.”

4 thoughts on “Job seekers: More advice

  1. ranger

    “Nobody’s objective ever says that they hate working with people and would prefer plying their skills in a me-centric workplace.”

    I read that as “mime-centric workplace”. **shudder**

  2. bigskyred

    Having spent the morning reading resumes, I can only concur! There were several objectives in this batch that didn’t match the job we advertised.

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