Note to salesfolk:

“Webinar” no longer means, to your average smart librarian, “powerpoint with accompanying conference call”.  “Webinar” now means, to your average smart librarian, that all content will be delivered via the web, and thus via the computer and projector and speakers set up in our classroom.

Failure to acknowledge the evolution of our shared e-learning vocabulary means that you inconvenience a room full of time-pressed librarians who now have to scramble to find a speakerphone, and also that you reduce our confidence in your ability to provide us with a long-term modern technology solution.

Just, you know, FYI.

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4 thoughts on “Note to salesfolk:

  1. Cat.

    Judging by the traffic on this listserv over the past week (QPADMINISTRATORS-L@OCLC.ORG), there are only 4 librarians who qualify as smart.

    Trust me–there are a lot of people out here in the trenches who wouldn’t know a webinar from a woobie, and wouldn’t see why a phone OR a computer was necessary in the first place.


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