Rumour Has It

The revolution is coming… and today, its soundtrack is Adele. Retro but totally modern. Welcome to where I sit, professionally.

Take one lunch hour, add some Adele, generalized professional irritation, a prod from FriendFeed to see how the Taiga Statements stood up over time, and Amy Buckland, and you get … a new blog.  And eventually, once we figure out what to do with it, a revolution.

Shit’s changing, people. We promise.

One thought on “Rumour Has It

  1. Kirstin

    I was just thinking of suggesting that there should be a new site with multiple contributors about these and related issues. My area of irritation tends to focus on qualifications of subject librarians and whether we should all have PhDs (and maybe not even bother with MLSs).

    I like how you’ve taken your grain of irritation and produced a pearl (of wisdom). 🙂

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