In which I am convinced to talk on tape

…except there’s no tape involved.

The fantastic Maurice Coleman was sitting and chatting with me at ACRL and suddenly pulled out his microphone and said “I’m going to record this conversation.” Huh. Okay.  So episode 70.5 of T is for Training is all about me, all the time. We talked about supervision, mentorship, prioritizing as an administrator, how to move quickly through the ranks, professional development, career trajectories… and stuff.

And having listened to it, I can say that Mo is a very good interviewer. And I think I mostly don’t sound like an idiot. Nifty.

2 thoughts on “In which I am convinced to talk on tape

  1. Maurice Coleman

    Jenica, it is a good thing when your friends don’t run away when you whip out a microphone.

    Thank you for your honest discussion of administration and how trainers can help you do your job while doing what they like to do.

    It would take some serious editing to make you sound like a fool.

    Thanks again for coming on and I hope to do it again..Say SLA OR ALA?

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