The timestamps are a lie

Someone recently asked me via email about the timestamps on my posts, questioning how I get away with blogging on traditionally defined work time. That reply, edited for anonymity and public consumption, included: We have a culture of working 40-50 hour weeks, usually 8ish to 5ish, but that varies by…

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selected shorts

It’s lunchtime, and I want to write some stuff, but all my brainspace is occupied with writing other stuff, so all I’ve got room for is bullet points. Right now, a group of New Yorkers are eagerly waiting to see if Governor Cuomo will sign ARIA into law.  Jason Kramer…

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talk to people, it's good for you

Given the dramatic news and rumors about the State and SUNY budgets for the coming several years, I — and many of my colleagues — are taking a look at our processes, budgets, and expenses, and trying to find ideas about where we can shift, change, or eliminate costs. Our…

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