Following up on the Chemistry issue

I promised everyone, when we made the decision to cease subscribing to an ACS package, that I would follow up, saying, “The libraries have agreed to do a robust analysis of how well or poorly this works out in this year.” So here I am. How’d it go? You’re all wondering, right? In May, I […]

we are not the ones who failed

On Facebook, in comments online, and face-to-face, a few librarians and chemists have expressed sadness, dismay, or concern that we’re canceling our ACS content. The message, uniformly, is “That’s a bad decision. Your users need that content. You need to reconsider.” So here’s the thing. I don’t disagree with two of those three points. It’s […]

Walking away from the American Chemical Society

There’s no gentle introduction to this, so I’ll get right to my point: Librarians, this is a call to action. tl;dr: SUNY Potsdam will not be subscribing to an American Chemical Society online journal package for 2013. We will instead be using a combination of the Royal Society of Chemistry content, ACS single title subscriptions, […]

More on weeding, part 2

We have a series of entries, from several faculty members in several departments, on the faculty feedback form for our weeding project that just say “Please do not remove from the collection. These are classic works [in my field].” The ruthless inner collection manager in me wants to say “I don’t care.” Fortunately for everyone, […]

Library Day In the Life: #libday8, Day 5

Hi.  It’s Friday. Now that we’re all glowing with joy… Up at 7:30, to work by 9. Justin made me coffee, and I put on a black suit and then took off the suit jacket and replaced it with a black sweater, because, ugh, I don’t want to wear a suit today. Too tired for […]