Conversational boundaries

Any phone call from a sales rep that includes more than one of the following: A) Overt whining from the sales rep, B) Repeated insistence that “I’ve been doing this for 40 years” as justification for something I’m arguing with, C) Refusal to end the conversation when I express, for the fifth time that I […]

Put it on the record: My responses to Sage’s responses

First, a point of correction and clarity: It appears that the conflict between our middlemen and SAGE can be attributed to simple muddy communication; SAGE doesn’t care where I buy my stuff or how I buy it. I can switch from WALDO to Lyrasis at any time. (Worth noting, though, is that SAGE offers the […]

Another place to say No: HBR and EBSCO

The Chronicle of Higher Education has an article out about the newest challenge to educational access to scholarly content, this time a particularly egregious example from the Harvard Business Review. Some cogent paragraphs that explain the thing: Although Harvard Business Review articles have been included in the journal aggregator EBSCO since 2000, as of August […]

More from SAGE

HA! We asked another middleman agency to get us a quote from SAGE, out of curiosity: Would it be more explicable? Would it be a better deal for us? We got our answer today. Per our last email from that middleman agency, “Sage will not allow current subscribers to transfer to a different consortia at […]

Speaking in Charleston

If you’ve been following my relationship and conversation with vendors, you may be interested to know that I’ll be giving Thursday morning’s opening plenary address at the Charleston Conference next week: Librarians In The Post-Digital Information Era: Reclaiming Our Rights and Responsibilities The best libraries were never simply buyers and warehouses for information, but something […]