When good enough is just right

Cooking dinner after work used to be my favorite way to decompress from the day, and express some love in my husband’s direction. I’m a good cook, and I love food, and I love the process of cooking. The knife work, stove work, assessing flavor profiles, all of it. I just love it. Today, as […]

Fresh starts

It’s spring break here, so the libraries are open but quiet, lightly populated and filled with silence and calm. I’m pretty sure it’s a great environment to get to work in… except that I’ve not gotten much work done this morning. My email’s binging at me, my calendar’s flashing, people are dropping in, the phone […]

On weeding

I’m challenged to focus this morning, so I’m going to try writing as brain-organizer. The two things on my mental agenda to write about are our website launch and our weeding project. I’m going to start with weeding, but the website is coming. On Friday, I hosted this semester’s luncheon for the faculty who serve […]

Library Day In The Life: #libday8, Day 2

When we last saw our intrepid heroine, she was heading off to Tai Chi. And then I went home, chatted with my boyfriend for a  while, then gave myself a manicure. I was going to read Empire State (or maybe A Little Night Magic) while my fingernails dried, but I ended up working instead, as […]

Library day in the life: #libday8, Day 1

Happy Monday! I had a rough Sunday, on the pain front, so I set my alarm for 7:30, a full hour later than usual, anticipating that I would sleep poorly. I was right, and struggled out of bed, tired and sore, around 8. Shower, breakfast, dress, and go, with a travel mug of coffee, lunch, […]