Director’s Day in the Life: working from home

I used to do these regularly, when Library Day In The Life was a thing. I sort of liked it; it’s interesting to see, in a really clear way, what I do all day. Yesterday I worked from home for most of the day, for personal reasons related to tired-pregnant-joint-problems. It also happens that I […]

Library Day In The Life: Oh, dear god, Monday

Mondays are not my favorites. I very much reset my patterns over the weekend, because I very much don’t want to live every day of my life like it’s a weekday, and so it’s difficult to get back into the swing on Monday. Today I chose to prioritize getting an extra hour of sleep, working […]

Library Day In The Life: FRIDAY

So, last night I stayed up too late, but I did what I needed to do: exercised, worked on workshop content, and ate all the Pad Thai. In bed around midnight. Which meant I (a woman who needs 8-10 hours of sleep to feel healthy) had a rough morning, following on several nights of not […]

Library Day In The Life: Thursday, Thursday

My virtuous plans of working for a few hours last night turned into “play FieldRunners2 on the iPad and talk to Justin about life, the universe, and everything”. I was asleep by midnight, but just barely. Ah, well. Today’s another day… 7:00: Ignore first alarm. 7:45: Reluctantly get out of bed. 9:00: Stop at the […]

Library Day in the Life: And administrator on a Wednesday

Bobbi Newman announced today that she’s shutting down and archiving the official wiki of “library day in the life”, as she thinks the project has reached its useful end as a centrally managed thing. To which I say I shall prove her point, because I really like doing #libday, and I’m going to do it […]