Exploring what it means to “put something online”

I don’t do this very often on this blog, but this is totally worth it: Go read this. So now, a little more than halfway through the class, students are asked to turn their digital expertise and expectations upside-down: to use online search tools specifically for the purpose of figuring out what’s not available to […]

Libraries, Overdrive, Amazon, and privacy

Sarah Houghton tells it like it is. Language occasionally NSFW, but completely appropriate. Personally, I’m very wibbly on privacy rights. Jenica The Person believes fiercely in the value of an educated and well-informed populace that has a protected right to access information freely and without coercion or monitoring. Jenica The Library Administrator At A State […]

Smart things said by other people

Hi! First few weeks of classes! OH HOLY HELL HANG ON! So not much time for writing. But I have been carving out time for reading. Here’s some stuff I liked this week. Dean Dad is smart, as usual. How many of us have seen this? Lived this? The entrepreneur was utterly confident that he […]

The timestamps are a lie

Someone recently asked me via email about the timestamps on my posts, questioning how I get away with blogging on traditionally defined work time. That reply, edited for anonymity and public consumption, included: We have a culture of working 40-50 hour weeks, usually 8ish to 5ish, but that varies by individual and day.  So that’s […]

Cover letters as narrative and arc

If you found my previous post interesting — whether because you agree with me or because you think I’m part of an elitist system that doesn’t appreciate your unique qualities, or something in between — please also go read this post by Andromeda Yelton. In short, “what she said”.  She outlines a great approach, and […]