Another day, another bad deal

Photo Credit: Tim & Selena Middleton via Compfight cc I had a brief email conversation today with one of our vendor-service middlemen. You may not work with the same ones I do, but you know the type: the organizations that negotiate on behalf of libraries to get good deals for online resources and then they […]

Some days it doesn’t matter how hard you try

I had great plans for today. I was going to get to work early, work for two hours on the to-do list items staring at me, then three hours of meetings, a quick lunch, and spend my afternoon holed up in my office working on planning for the College’s Bicentennial. Instead, I woke up late […]

What does ‘women’s leadership’ mean?

It occurred to me today that the phrase ‘women’s leadership’ might be more challenging than I would have have thought of, in ways I would never have thought of. Put more specifically, to some people it apparently means ‘lead like a woman’, while to me it means ‘lead while being a woman’. I don’t know […]

Start where you stand

I don’t know when I became Anti-Establishment Publishing Lass, but I seem to have done so. (I also think that all vaguely superheroish titles should come with logos and sidekicks. Gimme.) Today’s salvo in this ongoing and protracted war for the future of information distribution came courtesy of a libraryland publisher. An editor for the […]

Keynote from NLS6: Moving Beyond Book Museums

Based on my speaker’s notes and my imperfect adrenaline-fueled memory of that afternoon, and minus some asides that make no sense if you weren’t there (bananas!), this is approximately the speech I gave at NLS6 in February. Enjoy!   Hello. Thank you. I’ve had a wonderful time here this weekend, and meeting you all has […]