new frontiers sometimes suck

I just did something I’ve never done before. I deleted a tweet. You can guess which one. I’d left it up because it’s a legitimate part of the record of my actions and communications, and while I’d preferred, on an emotional level, to delete it, I thought it mattered to leave it up as a […]

“I am not a shouty man”

It was true when Sergeant Jackrum said it, and it’s true when I say it. I am not a shouty man. But by all that’s holy, vendors make me shouty. And I am not alone. Harvard is shouting about Big Deal packages and why they, actually, are kind of crappy for libraries. FINALLY. This matters […]

kind of creepy, dude.

Y’all: This, right here? Is kind of creepy. Don’t send me messages like this. Hi Jenica, Just stopped by to say grrrrrreat picture and quote. [male librarian] See also: The Creepy Librarian Stalker Hypothesis. I could get into the politics and assumptions of sending the above comment to a female librarian, and I could get […]

gender rage, the Public Speaking edition

amy buckland and I were just trying to brainstorm a suggestion for a keynote speaker — someone engaging, high-profile, and willing to travel to Montreal — and I gave her a list of five men, followed by “WHY IS MY LIST ALL MEN?” So I brainstormed a list of women I know who I think […]

Stop blaming the user

The user is not broken. It pisses some librarians off when I say that, but it’s true, as I intend it. The user is not broken in that our job is to fulfill the user’s needs, and the user’s needs are, while not always well-defined, possible to meet, or understood by either side, valid — […]