What does ‘women’s leadership’ mean?

It occurred to me today that the phrase ‘women’s leadership’ might be more challenging than I would have have thought of, in ways I would never have thought of. Put more specifically, to some people it apparently means ‘lead like a woman’, while to me it means ‘lead while being a woman’. I don’t know […]

Some things never change, and still don’t work

On Monday I got a call from a publisher asking me to check on the renewal status of several periodicals. This is an old tactic; we don’t work directly with publishers, we work with a subscription agent, and when we cancel, the publisher often calls the library asking if we’ll please go check to see […]

Aaron Swartz was right

And today in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Peter Ludlow points it out. Amen, so say we all, and fuck yes. Until academics get their acts together and start using new modes of publication, we need to recognize that actions like Aaron Swartz’s civil disobedience are legitimate. They are attempts to liberate knowledge that rightly […]

we are not the ones who failed

On Facebook, in comments online, and face-to-face, a few librarians and chemists have expressed sadness, dismay, or concern that we’re canceling our ACS content. The message, uniformly, is “That’s a bad decision. Your users need that content. You need to reconsider.” So here’s the thing. I don’t disagree with two of those three points. It’s […]

Respecting your customers

I made clear my institution’s stance on the American Chemical Society, and our reasons for it, in this post. I was as fair as I could be, I gave credit where they deserved it, and I discussed how the facts of the matter impacted our campus. I then wrote a follow-up about how comparatively even-handed […]