Opportunity never promised it would be easy

Do the hard things. A post shared by Jenica Rogers (@jenicasedai) on Mar 1, 2018 at 4:50am PST

The poison of elections

The refrain I hear throughout my social media feeds is that the system is broken. Our electoral college system is rigged. Our two-party system is a joke. Trump’s candidacy makes a mockery of our democratic ideals. Having the spouse of a former president run for president makes a mockery of…

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Site visits

My favorite part of visiting other campuses is wandering through their libraries to see what ideas inspire me. I’m at SUNY Cobleskill today, and here are my favorite bits from my brief visit to the library: Explanations.    I think we too often just do things and expect our users…

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Introducing the Center for Applied Learning

My prepared remarks for today’s opening: Thank you all for your support and kind words. Many people have been thanked, but I want to extend my gratitude to the staff in the Center — Toby White, Krista LaVack, Annie Butterfield, Bethany Parker, and our new Director of Student Research, Sharmain…

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Coordinator of Technical Services and Discovery

As I’ve mentioned before, we’re hiring. Speaking as a former Technical Services Librarian, I think that this is an amazing moment to explore how back room functions are evolving with front-of-the-house implications. Cataloging and the associated technical services functions drive user access to information — it’s the heart of what…

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