Coordinator of Technical Services and Discovery

As I’ve mentioned before, we’re hiring. Speaking as a former Technical Services Librarian, I think that this is an amazing moment to explore how back room functions are evolving with front-of-the-house implications. Cataloging and the associated technical services functions drive user access to information — it’s the heart of what we do, and we need […]

Don’t scare your audience, dear.

Are you going to be at Midwinter in January? Are you intrigued, concerned, or terrified by the thought of “the future of Technical Services”? Do you like hearing me talk? Or want to meet me? Then come. Re-envisioning “Technical Services” to Transform Libraries: Identifying Leadership and Talent Management Practices Friday, January 8, 2016  |  8:30 […]

“harm created not out of malice but habit”

“We don’t have an admissions problem, we have a completion problem. Recognizing this means re-thinking who college is for. College is run by those of us who did well in college, so we tend to underestimate the harm we do to students whose lives aren’t like ours, harm created not out of malice but habit.” […]

clocks and bombs

I sat down to work on a pile of reading, projects, and writing this morning, and saw that my twitter feed was lighting up over… something. I clicked a few links. My heart sank. Ahmed Mohammed, of Irving, Texas, a 14 year old who loves making and building, has been arrested because he built a […]

it’s better than Word

My new favorite work toy is Canva. Let me show you why.     I made all of those with Canva, to seed into the College Libraries’ Facebook page, or to post in the building. Each one took me moments to do. Upload image, drag, drop. Search for an icon, drag, drop. Type, click, resize, […]