on leave

There are a dozen library-related things I’d love to be writing about — the LTG Summit that went off in Texas recently; the latest Ithaka S+R report (I WILL get back to this one); my college’s new president, and my alma mater’s, and why they matter to me, the en-shrink-en-ing of the ILS marketplace — but really, I can’t right now.

I’m busy.

I’m stuck under a 9 pound weight and I can’t get up.

I’ve temporarily got a new boss, and she’s kind of a tyrant.

Gwyneth Winter Capen, my new boss.

I’ll be back later. Probably May.

Search Queries that get people here

Every  now and then I look at how people search and find this blog on Google. They usually make me chuckle. Here are some of the interesting ones from the last quarter: owning your shit, own your shit, ownyourshit. Yep. I believe in this one. If you did it, if you said it, if you wrote it, sometimes even if you thought it: Own it. Acknowledge it. Deal with the repercussions of it. Don’t pretend it isn’t yours. Our failures and challenges are just as much a part of who we are as our successes. Own yourself. jenica rogers tenure. […] keep reading…

Video from Charleston 2013, with a warning

The video from my Charleston talk is now officially available, from Charleston, on YouTube.  This link will take you there, if the embed below doesn’t work. Before you go watch, I need to say this: This talk deserves a trigger warning regarding domestic abuse. I draw a direct comparison between an emotionally abusive set of circumstances in a domestic relationship and the ways that publishers have approached libraries in our commercial relationships. It was not my intent to hurt anyone with this comparison, but it was careless of me not to realize that hurt would be a result. I knew […] keep reading…

Experiencing different realities

I’ve been alerted that the December 2013/January 2014 edition of Against The Grain will include a rebuttal of my keynote address at the November 2013 Charleston Conference, and a kind soul who will remain anonymous provided me with a copy of that rebuttal. When it is published online, if you have ATG access, it will be here. The article also provides a link to a video of the speech I gave, which is here. (Note: These links are not currently working, as of 10:20 on 2/6. They are not the official links, so they were bound to be unreliable. There’s […] keep reading…

What if?

Today we’re hosting our once-each-semester liaisons’ luncheon, in which we invite the faculty liaisons to the libraries to come and have a catered lunch discussion with us. We often have a multi-bullet agenda, but this spring we have one item: What to do with our collections budget? Just as I have been adamant that publishers need to change their models, I think libraries need to respond as well. We need to find our own flexibility, find ways to prioritize our own goals and needs, and be our own best allies in this struggle. So today, for an hour, I’m posing […] keep reading…

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